Ultra Freebase

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3 mg/mL, 6 mg/mL


Alfa, Alfa 2, Area 52, Atlnts, BB Yum, BC FG, Belmond, BF, Blooper, Bmuda Tri, Bubb Grape, C.B, Cherry Orange, Cherry Orange Ice, Cherry Watermelon, Classic Can, Da-Vin, Deep IC, Delta, Double Apple, Double Apple Ice, Dragon Tang, Du More, Grape, Grape Ice, HMetal, Kooky D, Lchnss, LNDN, Loopy, Lux Berries Ice, M&H, Mango, Mango Ice, Mango Peach Guava, Nilla Sin, Orange, Orange Scoop, Orange Scoop Ice, Pineapple Ex, Pink Lemon, Put Ding, Pyramid, Rainbow, RBF, Rongo, Rupee, Strawberry, Strawberry Lemon, Strawberry Lemon Ice, Strawberry Scoops, Strawberry Scoops Ice, Strawlemon Apple Kiwi, Strawnana Ice, Supreme Nova, Titanik, Tobacco, Troi, Tropical Blast Ice, Watermelon Lime, Watermelon Lime Ice, Wild Watermelon


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