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Unquestionably, one of the titans of Canadian e-liquid production is Twelve Monkeys Juice. Many vapers in Vancouver like Kitsmoke, which has quickly become an international success story. You won’t be let down by Kitsmoke; each of their flavors is created in their laboratories using the best ingredients possible to create smooth, perfectly balanced, and unusual mixes. Twelve Monkeys e juice is the only choice if your palate needs a flavor boost.

A Brief History of Twelve Monkeys Juice:

The founders of Twelve Monkeys vape juice Canada set out to produce best e juice flavors of the highest caliber that would provide an unmatched vaping experience. Twelve Monkeys vape juice was founded in Canada 2014. Hence, it soon became well-known for its dedication to utilizing only the Best Ingredients and implementing strict quality control procedures.

Juice Twelve Monkey started off small but has now become a worldwide sensation that is adored by vapers everywhere. Their status as a reliable industry leader has been cemented by their numerous honors and accolades from the vaping community, which they have acquired through their drive to innovation and quality.


Let’s examine a few of the Twelve Monkeys juice tastes that stand out:

  • Hakuna:

A delectable combination of juicy cranberries and tart apples that strikes the ideal ratio between sweetness and sharpness. Ideal for those who enjoy tart and fruity juices.

  • Lemur:

This juice has a lovely flavor profile that is evocative of a creamy lime sorbet thanks to its zesty lime and smooth, creamy vanilla combination.

  • Patas Pipe:

For those who enjoy vaping, Patas Pipe is a strong, powerful juice with a blend of rich tobacco tastes and subtle notes of sweetness and nutty overtones.

  • Papio:

A tropical haven in a bottle, Papio blends juicy mangoes and ripe pineapple for a rich, exotic flavor that takes you to a beach basking in the sun.

  • Puris:

An energizing combination of sweet strawberries, luscious nectarines, and succulent peaches, Puris gives fruit fans a blast of deliciousness with every sniff.

  • Gattago:

Gattago is a refined vape juice that combines lush berries and juicy white grapes with hints of crisp apples to create a complex and enjoyable flavor.

  • Shoku:

A mouthwatering blend of tart citrus fruits, juicy summer berries, and cool watermelon, Shoku awakens the senses with a blast of delicious freshness.

  • Harambe:

Drawing inspiration from the African savannah, Harambae blends rich blood orange notes with ripe guava and zesty citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit to create a very distinct and invigorating taste.

  • Papaya:

A delightful tropical flavor, Papaya offers a smooth and fulfilling vaping experience that’s ideal for a day in the sun. It has the sweet and exotic taste of ripe papayas.

  • Saimiri:

Saimiri is a wonderfully smooth and fruity vape juice that is ideal for all-day pleasure. It combines tart raspberries with sweet dragon fruit and subtle notes of creamy yogurt.

  • Matata:

Having raised Kanzi, Matata has a lot of experience with delectable fruity electronic cigarettes. A large, robust grape is inhaled after a smooth, luscious apple exhale. This vivid and exquisite mix will thrill your taste buds all day, every day.

  • Mangabeys:

Mangabeys have a similar idea but a different flavor. You may go to the bright, carefree Caribbean island coasts with Mangabeys. A plethora of Caribbean fruits enhance this vibrant and fresh combination of pineapple, mango, and guava, which is ideal for spending a day under the warm tropical sun. Allow Mangabeys’ fruits, which are unique to the Caribbean, to give you a taste of island living.

Reasons – Why Choose Twelve Monkeys juice Flavors:

The company’s primary focus is on unusual fruit tastes. They mix several fruits together to get a pretty well-balanced taste combination. For example, their strawberry flavor, Queen Soko, has hints of lemon citrus that make it taste strong but lively.

Twelve Monkey Juice offers an extensive range of e-juice flavors. They have their classics, which concentrate on traditional and exotic fruit combinations. The Ice Age range of e-liquids is centered around Tropical Fruit mixes that provide a refreshing aftertaste. For those who like straightforward tastes, they also have the Origins line.

The e-juices taste as authentic as possible. You get a really fake taste when you use a lot of e-juice items that emphasize fruit tastes. Sometimes, it tastes fantastic but leaves an odd, unwanted aftertaste. From beginning to end, using twelve monkey juice Canada items is a delightful experience.

Fans have left them with favorable evaluations. It really is a toss-up what you get with many e-juices. Getting user reviews that are accurate is difficult. You wind up taking a financial risk on an e-juice taste you could detest or even dislike. You may read a twelve monkeys juice review online on the many flavors in their lineup.

Ultimately, 12 Monkeys is open about the laboratory work they do. They offer test results for every product they sell, and none of them have any illicit ingredients that may be dangerous for consumers. You may be aware that e-juice products containing THC and vitamin E acetate have been related to lung harm.

Nicotine Options:

We offer a range of nicotine options to accommodate vapers of all preferences. Whether you prefer the smooth throat hit of traditional freebase nicotine or the rapid satisfaction of twelve monkeys juice salt nic, it has you covered. Because there are several nicotine levels available. So, you may tailor your vaping experience to your own requirements and tastes.

Where to Get Twelve Monkeys E-Juice Online?

Everybody can find something to like from Kitsmoke, regardless of your level of experience vaping. We continue to set the bar for excellence in the vaping industry with our delectable flavor profiles and unwavering commitment to quality. Elevate your vaping experience with Kitsmoke today and discover what sets them apart from the rest.

We think that the experience is what really matters when purchasing e-juice. Customers concur that Kitsmoke is a discovery rather than merely a vape store. We have put up a laid-back, lounge-style environment where you may sample various e-juice tastes and brands. Take advantage of our reasonable rates, large selection, and excellent customer service.

It is best to discover why we are the best vape shop in the neighborhood as we grow our brand across the country. Get your twelve monkeys juice online right now! Please don’t hesitate to contact Kitsmoke if you have any queries or would want to place an online purchase. Inquiries concerning the flavors that we presently carry in our physical locations are also welcome.

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